GRFN is a data-driven management consulting firm specialising in data analytics and information management for the construction industry. The focus of our work is to help clients mitigate risk and drive productivity through people, process and technology.
Existing software solutions in the market are “opinionated” in what they can do or what they offer and the technological support to the construction industry is either mainly proprietary, hostile to and defensive against cooperation or it is narrowly focussed on outputs and not process.
We invest in our own tooling and can share that expertise with our partners. We create variety of products from microservices making up a complex solution to standalone systems. This extends to customising existing software to provide additional functionality, integrate with other platforms and software and increase efficiency.
Tooling and customisation
We operate using on-desktop, on-premise and on-cloud clients and backends. GRFN are a cloud-first company with respect to our technology stack and help and encourage clients to seek out the advantages that can bring.


The West Wing, Somerset House
Strand, London WC2R 1LA

+44 (0)20 7257 9470

The entrance to the West Wing reception is located at the north end of the West Wing.
Business Enquiries 
We provide a high quality service and only work where we can bring value. To engage our services or discuss your project or organisation please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always refining our approach and collaborating with others to innovate further.
Career Enquiries 
We invest in the right people, appreciating that a team’s strength is dependant on the combination of individuals within it. We want those who share our values and possess the traits we believe are necessary to provide a high value service. Please send your CV to